About Us

My name is Michelle Steingard and I’m President/CEO of eCommDivas. I want to help you become successful by being your knight in shining armor that I needed when my company started spiraling out of control.

If I had eCommDivas, my story would have a different ending. However, I will always take a lemon and make lemonade and it is because of my lemon of a business that you are all able to drink the sweet lemonade of success. Let me tell you my story.

It all started with high hopes and expectations of running a successful offer in the diabetic space. My partner and I had what we thought was all the right ingredients that were sure to take our initial investment and multiply it tenfold!

We had a solid product with quality ingredients and excellent resources. We even had stellar numbers in our first few months of launching the offer. It was off to a great start!

What we didn’t realize was that we had a false positive. There was excitement around the new offer, but we didn’t have a sustainable plan in place. What I learned is that you always have to have access to new relationships and new publishers to keep your offer fresh and moving forward.

I then focused all of my attention on driving traffic and found out first hand what can make or break a successful offer. I built strong relationships with multiple publishers  that offer unique solutions in the niche spaces of Health & Beauty, Diet & Weight Loss and Skin. In addition to solving the traffic problems, I experienced setbacks with regard to servers and CRMs and many more of the day-to-day woes of owning an offer, that you might also know too well by now if you’re currently an advertiser.

Then one day I ran into an old friend that was running his own offer in the diet space and we started talking. He was telling me MY STORY!! Only it was happening TO HIM and I had already been through it. He wanted to pick my brain and learn from my experience.

He wanted me to introduce him to the publishers that I had developed such great relationships with. I then realized I have invaluable resources that he (and other advertisers) could benefit from and eCommDivas was born!

What I would have given to have a guiding hand. Someone to find the right publishers to run my offer, someone to tell me I was wasting my money here or there. Someone to help with the tedious tasks that slowed me down!

So I developed a team and got to work. Fast forward to today and we now help both advertisers and publishers alike. Apply to eCommDivas today and let us help develop your path of success!