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If you’re an advertiser
struggling to get more
targeted visitors, then
you may be missing
one simple thing.

One of the things that can “make or break” the success of ANY online Advertiser is your website and messaging that your visitors receive. It has been said that you do not have a second chance to make a first impression.

As a former Advertiser and current Network owner, I have reviewed thousands of offers and driven millions of visitors to various
campaigns. I noticed a common theme as to whether my clients would succeed or fail. Many advertisers were not interested in spending more money to enhance and optimize their sites and do the proper internal testing required.

Many advertisers tend to copy or mimic their competitors’ marketing materials based on the mindset that those pages are actually converting and
generating revenue, when they have no solid data or stats to conclude that. This can be a VERY costly mistake.

What many fail to understand is that many advertisers throw up pages and will not do enough or any internal testing in order to set their affiliates up for success. This WILL make or break your success in working with affiliates and or internal media buys.

Simply put, IF you are not internally testing your own creatives prior to issuing assets to affiliates then you may be waiting a long time to get your
business profitable and more importantly you will not be able to keep affiliates interested in running your offer.

An affiliate on average will spend between $100-$200 to test your offer, and if they do not succeed within that budget then they will move on to the next offer quickly. Remember this is NOT the affiliates area of expertise; affiliates are great at getting visitors.

The Digital Marketing landscape is WAY too competitive for advertisers not to come out of the gate with winning creatives. IF and WHEN this is done properly you will create a frenzy for affiliates because they will all want in on something they know they can generate revenue with. This will create a high demand for your offers.

After starting out as an advertiser and moving on to work with thousands of affiliates, I started to see a pattern on both sides. Many advertisers do not understand how internal testing works and many affiliates don’t have a budget or the knowledge to optimize, nor is it their job.

For the past several years we have created hundreds of high converting responsive landing pages and multiple assets for many online advertisers.

Now is the time to set yourself up for success.


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Your Success Plan

It’s about time to set your affiliates up for INSTANT success! The number one reason I believe that advertisers fail is that they do not allocate funds to one of the most important places, “Internal testing.” ALL creatives should be internally tested and approved PRIOR to releasing ANY sales materials or subject lines to affiliates. Many advertisers are missing this. The number one reason I believe that affiliates fail is the lack of tested and proven creatives to work with.

While the bulk of the work we do is to drive traffic and conversions for your business, we can also assist you in increasing your revenue. This involves us doing a proper analysis of your infrastructure and providing recommendations as to what else you will need in order to create a sustainable, successful, long term and profitable business.

There are a number of factors that go into accomplishing this, including merchant processing, fulfillment, call centers and manufacturing. We will assist you in understanding your average order value and assessing your cost per acquisition from your different traffic partners.

Custom Services

Merchant Processing Solutions

We understand that as a business owner you need a solid merchant processing solution. No matter what product you are selling, we have discovered that sometimes having a TMF is not an issue. Through cultivating and maintaining solid relationships with banks and processors we are able to offer you an exclusive suite of high and low risk processing solutions along with being able to run high ticket charges.

CRM Assistance and Programming

Having a powerful CRM solution can help your business run smoother, as you scale up your traffic. We have multiple partners we work with and can assist you in finding the CRM that best fits your needs.

Ad Copy & Creatives Solutions

We have a team of copywriters, designers, and programmers who know how to craft offers and creatives that convert. We also utilize proven templates from active campaigns that we model to reduce the risk of running into a low converting offer. Let’s us help you stack the odds in your favor.

Full Service Consulting

We offer full service consulting through a variety of strategic partnerships. Business is all about your network and connections. Inquire within and let us help you take your business to the next level!

Media Buying Services

This INCLUDES long term established relationships with a variety of media partners and publishers. We have IMMEDIATE email traffic available. Please contact us for more details.

Outsourced Technical Support for Advertisers and Affiliate Networks

After starting my digital journey as an advertiser years ago, I realized that you basically learn as you go and that you will make many mistakes along the way. Some of these mistakes can cost you a fortune and some will cost you your business. It became clear to me that many of my clients did not have a full time dedicated support staff to handle their software and get offers live and tested in a timely manner. This is a huge problem for many reasons. After transitioning from an advertiser to an affiliate network, I realized that you must have reliable, efficient and cost effective technical support or you will lose interest in affiliates and be out of business very quickly.

One of the biggest challenges advertisers and networks face today is finding good employees to run their CRM. Your CRM is the heartbeat of your business. Our outsourced technical support staff comes with an entire team that manages your day to day technical support needs. By outsourcing your technical support, you won’t have to pay a huge salary or rely on someone who most likely is not qualified or trained to do that job properly. This is one of the most important positions in your company because without this , you do not have a steady flow of business and downtime will cost you thousands.

Outsourcing your technical support staff is the most cost-effective solution that will not only save you thousands, but free up your time so that you can focus on your own tasks. You will have peace of mind knowing that you don’t ever have to focus on this aspect of your business. All you will do is send an email and consider the task done. Many advertisers make the mistake of having a current staff member handle these tasks on top of their own tasks and that is a recipe for disaster. I was guilty of this and it cost me thousands.

Your business requires a technical support staff that is dedicated and experienced to handle all of your technical needs. Your business is our top priority so you can know that all of your technical needs will be handled with professionalism, efficiency and consistency.

Whether you are using Everflow, Cake, HasOffers, Tune or HitPath our full time technical support staff is here to assist you. We will handle all of the tasks within these specific softwares.

It’s now time to take your business to the next level and start to leverage your position as an advertiser or affiliate network. Having the ability to service your affiliates in a timely manner will put you steps ahead of your competition. Speed and accuracy is the new digital commodity.

Your technical support staff will be available for you nine hours per day. We will handle everything pertaining to offer setup, attribution settings, pixel placements, suppression file updates and all tasks related to these softwares. No task is too big or too small as we are fluent in these softwares and have advanced troubleshooting skills which could take some advertisers days to solve.

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